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News - February 2014

MuTools updates MuLab to v5.4.1                                       03rd February 2014

MuTools has updated MuLab to version 5.4.1.


  • New "Note Mapper" module. Can be used to map single notes to chords, apply a key scale, ...

  • The popup list for rack slots now also contains all relevant modules so these can be used directly without the need for a wrapper MUX.

  • Composer, Note Editor and Multi-Sample Editor: Control+click in the middle of a part/note/zone now also deletes it. (Control+drag still copies).

  • When docked browser is minimized, the "Show Browser" function will make sure it is not minimized anymore as that could be confusing.

  • Composer, Note Editor and Multi-Sample Editor: When hovering the start/end of a part/note/zone, the cursor now shows a left-right resize cursor, which is more appropriate/standard than a pencil cursor.

  • When deleting parts/notes using Ctrl+mouse, and when just clicking (i.e. not lassoing) then all selected parts/events are deleted. (if the clicked part/event is selected too).

  • When recording new parts, the newly recorded part becomes the only selected part.

  • MultiSampla: Clicking the multi-sample display didn't popup the multi-sample list. Fixed.

  • Audio Editor: Right-click on time bar -> "Create Locator" caused a crash. Fixed.

  • Audio Editor: Right-click on time bar -> "Set Locator" wasn't properly working. Fixed.

  • Increased the VST MIDI input buffer size.

  • Windows: New preference "WindowsProcessPriority" which allows to set a higher process priority on Windows, resulting in a more solid audio engine.

MuLab is a top-quality sound and music production system for Mac OS X and Windows, transforming your computer into an inspiring modular studio. MuLab is an easy, effective and rock-solid tool designed to create, record, and finalize Your Music

MuLab Free - All MuLab levels are fully functional, but the difference is that when you cross one of the limits of MuLab Free / MuLab XT, then you enter demo mode and you'll regularly hear a soft noise.

For example: You can use ReWire in MuLab Free, but only in demo mode i.e. the soft noise will be there from time to time. So MuLab Free has a double function: It's a free nice little musical tool and it's a demo version to try out all features of MuLab.


Visit: mutools.com/mulab




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