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News - February 2014

GVST releases Kickstarter project to fund Mac ports       10th February 2014

GVST offers quality, free VST effects that are already popular with Windows users. The time has come to share them with Mac users.

Hello, my name is Graham. Welcome to my Kickstarter appeal. Thank you for reading.

I expect most people visiting this project page will already be aware of GVST and know what it's about, but I'll try to explain quickly for the uninitiated...

A VST plug-in is a small piece of software that processes or generates sound and music. You don't use one on its own - you use it within another application - usually some kind of music production software (hence "plug-in"). There is a huge number of VST effects and instruments available today, including many free options. The freedom this gives musicians is incredible. There are probably millions of bedroom musicians around the world right now tinkering with their VST plug-ins, trying to find exciting new sounds.

As a programmer and musician, I decided some time ago to make my own VST plug-ins to use in my music projects. Then I created GVST.co.uk to freely distribute the plug-ins that I create.

There are several GVST plug-ins available today. The three most downloaded plug-ins at the moment are: GSnap - a free auto-tune effect; GClip - a free audio clipper; and GTune- a free instrument tuner. You should be able to find out lots more on the Internet if you're interested.

If this hasn't made any sense to you so far, then you probably won't be interested in backing this project, but thanks for persevering and reading this far. If you're still interested, then read on.


Visit: kickstarter.com/projects/gyeadon/gvst-on-the-mac




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