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News - February 2014

CGM productions - Free music production software         19th February 2014

CGM productions is an small personal/project recording studio and music production facility. 7 years of experience in Cuba precedes this studio in Miami, where produced tons of artist(Including members of Charanga Habanera, Moneda Dura, Pandila X ,Saxum,Necrofago, Cancerbero and many others) and a variety of traditional, salsa, por, rap/hiphop, reggaeton, rock/metal acts.

Beat replacer

"I created this plugin in Cuba to accurately replace the bass drum and/or snare from a multitrack drum recording, it was very useful.You can choose a MIDI out port or a soundfont multisample(example set included)."


sf2 controls

This VST plugin alows you to control via MIDI all the parameters in a Creative Soundblaster soundfont card (or compatible synth). All the SF2 specs are implemented and you can use it as a regular MIDI VSTi instrument in any capable host. Manual included.


Drum Masters for Kontakt

DrumMaXters is a free, lightweight(still good sounding)drum groove sample player instrument for Kontakt.Updated in version 2 : a new GM acoustic Kit with Yamaha ,Gretsh,Sabian pieces, and a multipourpose Electronic Kit.Added a pop style folder and more dance grooves.


Visit: cgmpro.webs.com/software




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