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News - January 2014


All Mildon Studios plugins are now free                              29th January 2014

All VST plugins By Mildon Studios are now free.

Acoustic piano sfz

If you're looking for an expressive, pristine quality grand piano, you should give this a try. It's got a brilliant sound and several velocity layers packed in a small package (only 65mb zipped). Easy to share, easy to love.


Pringles Drumkit SFZ

With the proper slapping, shaking, tapping, chip-scratching, and biting technique, this famous canister can be turned into a drumkit that's an absolute treat! Some samples had to be layered to achieve the 'kick' and 'snare' equivalents. But the rest come straight out of the can.


30-band graphic equalizer

Here's a simplistic, neatly designed 30-band graphic equalizer for those of you that need it. It's got a 'draw' feature for quick sound shaping, a 12db range extender, and it's free.


SLVR Spreader - Stereo Expander

SLVR Spreader is a versatile stereo widener that combines three different stereo imaging techniques.


Provoc Exciter Silver Edition lets you add extra depth, warmth, and brilliance to any vocal recording.

SLVR Exciter is a very versatile exciter that can be used at any stage of the mix including mastering. I use it on individual recordings to bring out their character. The focus switches are extremely useful for blending different instruments together. The color fader lets you dial-in just the right amount of saturation to the sound.

Mikks said: Today I am joined by a small team of creatives who are helping me build new content for my website. We are currently in the process of re-releasing all my products as freeware. And soon we'll be releasing brand-new stuff. The transition from payware to freeware wasn't an easy decision, but it's one that I'm very happy about. Because it isn't really a transition to freeware, it's a return to passion.

All VST plugins are now free.


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