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News - January 2014


AD 480 (iOS) free updated to v1.2                                     03rd January 2014

Fiedler Audio has updated the AD 480 Reverb App family to version 1.2.


  • InterApp Audio.

  • Audio Recording, Playback and Offline Processing.

  • Import and Export of Audio Files.

  • iTunes Library Access.

  • Dynamic Upgrade (all present versions of the AD 480 on your iDevice are automatically upgraded to the highest version installed, i.e. if you have AD 480 free, basic and pro installed, they all become pro!).

  • Bugfixes.

  • AD 480 free got a mix fader.

  • AD 480 basic got inApp purchase for upgrading to pro.

"The AD 480 free lets you experience the sonic qualities of the AD 480 pro, the flagship of the AD 480 product line, the first professional reverb for your iDevice.

The AD 480 delivers a realistic acoustic sound with a fine character in best studio quality. From small boxes to the Grand Canyon – practically any size and shape is possible. Enhance and enrich your recordings and live sound with the acoustic space or texture of your choice. The user interface is extremely intuitive and designed from the ground up for today’s touch screens. It gives you quick and responsive access to all parameters and on the iPad the AD 480 pro offers a special graphics mode (stage mode) for low light environments. The MIDI functions let you fully remote control / automate the AD 480 pro and the audio routing matrix gives you greatest flexibility in a multi app / multi channel environment."

The AD 480 free has the following features:

  • professional reverb sound effect with variable room size.

  • iOS 7 ready.

  • full Audiobus integration.

  • supports internal and external audio interfaces (USB class compliant or MFi).

  • from iPad 2, iPod touch 5G, iPhone 4S and above.

  • InterApp Audio Support.

  • Dynamic Upgrade (AD 480 free is automatically upgraded to pro or basic features when AD 480 pro or AD 480 basic is installed).

  • Mix Slider.


Visit: fiedler-audio.com / itunes.apple.com





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