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News - June 2013

Hermann Seib updates VSTHost (v1.54) and SAVIHost (v1.42) 27th June 2013

Hermann Seib has updated VSTHost to v1.54 and SAVIHost to v1.42.

VSTHost is an free Open Source VST-compatible host that:

  • Loads VST 2 / 3 / Module Architecture plug-ins.
  • Parameterizesing / editing them.
  • Sound output for VSTis.
  • MIDI-input and -output.
  • Loading / saving.fxb files.
  • Supports ASIO2.


SAVIHost is a free derivative version of VSTHost that can be used to make any VST Effect or VSTi run like a standalone application.

Changes in both programs:

  • Fixed incompatibility with ReaJS and other PlugIns that don't pass back a chunk before one's been loaded.
  • VST3 MIDI Controller -> Parameter ID remapping didn't work correctly; does now.
  • Added soft clipping.
  • Added PlugIn Editor window support for VST Module Architecture PlugIns.

Additional changes in VSTHost:

  • Restructured File menu and added "Mute Performance On Load".
  • Added "Delete" button to Load Performance and Save Performance As dialogs.
  • VST3 PlugIns' custom context menu could kill VSTHost; corrected.
  • Performance loading didn't work correctly for Shell PlugIns (only if the previously loaded performance did NOT contain them).
  • MIDI->Parameter output mode "Relative" added.
  • New MIDI->Parameter types "Note On/Off Velocity" and "Note On/Off Key" added.
  • New MIDI->Parameter modes "From" and "To" added (for defined triggers).
  • Added Pre-/Post-Fader recording.
  • Bridge program stability improved; robustness against bridge program failures improved;
  • Bridge speed improvements.
  • Added some REAPER-style PlugIn calls and host callbacks; see http://www.reaper.fm/sdk/vst/vst_ext.php for further details.
  • Added SysEx window to list of possible MIDI inputs for PlugIns.
  • PlugIns can send MIDI to SysEx window, and SysEx messages are passed from SysEx window to PlugIns.
  • PlugIn Parameter window remodeled to match Cubase's getParameterProperties() support; this might spell "t-r-o-u-b-l-e" for PlugIns that were modeled after VSTHost's implementation, which was done in 2006...
  • Added manual to distribution (not for betas).
  • Added "Double x64" distribution for people with too much CPU time.

Additional changes in SAVIHost:

  • Added VST Module Architecture distributions.


Visit: Hermann Seib




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