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News - March 2013

Arctican Audio releases The Mid-Sider                              25th March 2013

Arctican Audio have released The Mid-Sider decoder plugin for mid-side recordings.

"The mid-side recording technique is a very useful technique to learn. Of all the stereo recording techniques, M/S gives the most flexibility. It allows you to manipulate the stereo width post-recording, and is completely mono compatible. The idea is for 1 microphone to capture the middle image, i.e. facing forward, and for a second microphone to capture the left AND right hand side image. How can 1 microphone pick up a stereo signal you ask? Easy, that’s how. It’s all to do with using a figure-of-8 pattern, and how it is decoded later.

The idea is for your mid microphone to be set to a cardioid (or similar) pattern facing forward, and have your figure-of-8 mic positioned at the same place, facing left. Take a look at the picture. Ignore the camera, and the fact the mid mic is facing to the right, and you get the idea of how it works. The AKG C414′s used in the picture let you pick from a variety of patterns. they aren’t cheap, but they are very good quality.

Signals coming from the left will now be picked up by the mid mic and the side mic’s positive (or front) side (if you faced it to the left). Signals coming from the right will hit the mid mic, and the side mic’s negative side."

Free - An OS X AU/VST version will be released in the near future.


Visit: arcticanaudio.com 




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