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News - March 2013

CWITEC updates TX16Wx to v2.1.1                                          17th March 2013

TX16Wx is the worlds only free, professional VSTi Sampler with a fully documented file format and active development. Its a sampling workstation, a sound mangler and a beat slicer. And the best part - Its 100% Free.

  • Fixed drag and drop of matrix to split not working.
  • Fixed reordering of splits with matrix assigned.
  • Fixed group/wave list values flickering.
  • Fixed matrix list not refreshed on new/load/delete.
  • Fixed hang when using key based switching.
  • Fixed bank loading asking about reloading data.
  • Fixed crash when deleting group switching node.
  • Fixed broken saving of sound font wave references in DAW bank.
  • Fixed crash when previewing SFZ files.
  • Fixed layout problem in 800x600 resolution.
  • Fixed FX not being activated / crash when using program change to switch performance.
  • Fixed crash when deleting last program.
  • Fixed choke groups not cooperating with trigger switching.
  • Improved wave preview playback.
  • Improved "layers to matrices" command to generate two-dimensional results.
  • Improved insert handling.
  • Improved filter modulation from on-key sources when using mono/legato mode.
  • Matrix editor now allows editing attributes for all selected items.
  • Improved load information message.
  • Made load/clear message less intrusive and added close button.


Visit: tx16wx.com   




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