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News - July 2013

NTS Audio Labs releases Scale Wizard                                 30th July 2013

NTS Audio Labs released Scale Wizard, a freeware VST MIDI Plug-in for Windows specially suited for melodic dance or techno producers who want to play notes and chords in any mode, key or scale without learning music and without making harmony errors.

"The 'Scale Wizard' VST Midi Plugin specially suited for melodic Trance, Dance ,Pop music production when applyied to lead and sinths sinthesizers as well as Tech House when applyed in example to a Percussive sample loaded from a vst sampler and want to stay in scale with the song.

Itis basically a midi filter/corrector that permit to play in any key,mode or scale just playing always the white keys. It will transpose any scale and key on the white keys while all the black keys will be corrected.

In this way any midi score will be corrected on the right harmony. More of that the plugin can be used as a chord generator and as a chord scales generator with a lot of usefull presets that will impress any melodic or techno producer. Any key of the keyboard will be corrected so there is no possibility to make harmony errors.

Simply playing the white notes the user can produce melodies and chords progressions in any scale,key or mode!"

To Download the free plug-in registration is needed.


Visit: ntsaudio.com




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