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News - March 2013


Liqube updates Resonic Player to Alpha 755 for Windows - fixes performance         17th March 2013

Liqube has updated Resonic, an audio player and sample browser for Windows, to Alpha 755.

This important release fixes performance issues and related bugs.


- Fixed issues that caused severe visual glitches, effectively making the folder browser unusable and the interface non-responsive to most user input, especially when trying to change folders, until playback is stopped. This problem only occurred for users with lower-spec processors.

New features:

- Waveform painting is now up to a 100 times faster, depending on the waveform size and requires much less processing power, and thus much less battery power on laptops as well.

- Window position can now be saved and restored. See Save window position option in Menu | Interface.

- New default waveform, similar to original one. You can use Alternative waveform in Menu | Visualization to toggle the lower, shaded half of the waveform.

- New option to disable the translucent color overlays shading the played area of the waveform in Menu | Visualization. Enabling this option is mainly a design choice, but it can also help reduce processor usage quite a bit, depending on the waveform size. If you're in for performance over visuals make sure you enable this. Note that in any case the overlay is only drawn up to a certain waveform height, and is not drawn for very short sound files.


- Improved file switching speed.

- Clearing the waveform cache now only takes a couple of moments. See Clear waveform cache in Menu | Advanced.

- Waveform cache now uses a little less harddisk space. Since the cache format has changed Resonic will have to rescan your audio files once you start playing them.

- New option use remaining time added to sleep timer (Menu | Sleep Timer). This will simply set and start the sleep timer using the time left in the currently playing track.

- Several color theme changes once again.

Resonic is an ultra-fast audio and music player / directory player / sample browser for the Windows operating system, built around a big waveform view.

Free for personal use. Company / commercial use requires license.


Visit: resonic.at





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