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News - April 2013


Niall Moody updates Pedalboard2 to v2.13                           23rd April 2013

Niall Moody has updated Pedalboard2 to version 2.13. This update is mostly focused on improving MIDI support. Besides bug fixes, the main features are:

  • MIDI learn for application and plugin mappings.
  • Per-plugin MIDI channel filtering.
  • Event log to assist in debugging MIDI and Open Sound Control issues.
  • A 64-bit version for Windows (the OS X version was already 64-bit).

Full change log:

  • Fixed MIDI mapping latch option to work the way you'd expect it to.
  • Fixed Audio Recorder deleting previously-recorded files if you re-loaded them and edited the path to select a new destination file.
  • Added per-plugin MIDI channel filtering.
  • Fixed pure virtual function call if the app receives a MIDI signal while it's closing.
  • Implemented MIDI learn for plugin and application mappings.
  • Plugin editor windows now take the plugin's user name as their title.
  • Fixed Looper crashing/deadlocking sometimes when starting recording via MIDI (I hope; fingers crossed...).
  • Fixed File Player loop parameter not being set when loaded from a patch.
  • Length of the file is now drawn on the WaveformDisplay component (used by File Player, Looper, Audio Recorder).
  • Fixed it so that File Player and Looper play buttons get updated when triggered via MIDI.
  • Added Event Log to help when debugging MIDI and OSC issues.

Pedalboard2 is a free VST (plus AudioUnit on OS X) plug-in host designed for live use. Based on the JUCE 'audio plug-in host' code, heavily modified.


Visit: niallmoody.com





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