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News - April 2013


MusE updated to v2.1.2                                                 04th April 2013

MusE is a free (open source) multitrack virtual studio for Linux that has support for sequencing of both MIDI and audio and has, among other things, support for LADSPA, Jack and ALSA.

Time for another update for general consumption, minor changes done but quite a few of them.

Nearly arbitrary list of changes from the changelog:
- Allow reading old drummaps for new style drumtracks
- Added metronome icon in main window
- Fixed moving events with keyboard in Drum editor
- Added theme support, Light, Dark and Ardour so far
- Added missing line draw shortcut (F) to drum editor.
- Added new french translation from Yann Collette
- Added: Pan and Zoom tools to editors. P + Z shortcuts. Added a Settings item for alternate behaviour.
- Fixed: Pianoroll and Drum Editor 'Snap' boxes not remembering 1st or 3rd columns.
- Fixed: Arranger 'Snap' was not stored or remembered.
- Fixed: Accelerator buttons shift/ctrl/alt for moving/copying/cloning / restricting movement.
- Fixed: Shift key restricting movement: Ignore snap setting now.
- Fixed: Resize shift key ignore snap setting now.
- Fixed: Draw new item shift key ignore snap setting now.
- Fixed: Shift key was not snapping to vertical.
- Fixed: ALL 'Speaker' related playing of notes. Works with new notes, moving notes, piano press etc.
- Fixed: ALL 'Speaker' related notes now send true note-offs instead of zero-velocity note-ons.
- Fixed: Drum 'Cursor' mode was playing double notes.
- Fixed: New Drums 'Cursor' mode and instrument up/down movement was broken, jumping all over the place.
- Added prebuilt PDF of manual (work in progress)
- Improved: Shortcut listings: Added Wave/Score categories. Re-categorized several keys. Updated README.shortcuts
- Improved: Right-click menus expanded. Now also shows 'Tools' menu when clicked on parts.
- Added choice of new metronome with different sounds and adjustable volume.
- Fixed gain adjustment with 'Other' choice in wave editor, it was reversed


Visit: muse-sequencer.org





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