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News - March 2013

Jammit (iOS) updated to v2.2.8                                               13th March 2013

Jammit is an iOS app that lets you isolate specific instruments from the original multi-track recordings of your favorite tracks.

New in v2.2.8:

  • General stability improvements

"The audio for the individual instruments and voices heard on your favorite songs was recorded separately before being blended into the final mix. These original multi-track recordings are the building blocks for every popular song released over the past 50 years and the same authentic tracks that we use in Jammit.
Yes, Jammit actually allows you to isolate or remove an instrument from the mix, so you can jam with a band’s original master tracks! In addition to instrument isolation, Jammit’s scrolling scores, section looping, variable slow mode and onboard recorder let you experience music like never before. Whether you’d like to emulate every nuance of an incredible player or just take in the musical genius of a great performance, Jammit software allows you to find out what your favorite music is really made of."


  • True Instrument Isolation using original multi-track recordings
  • Notation and Tablature transcribed from the original recordings
  • Advanced Tools like variable slow down mode and section looping to focus on difficult musical passages.
  • Built-in recording
  • Line 6 Amp Modeling support when using Line 6 Mobile In digital interface

Jammit is free.


Visit: itunes.apple.com




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