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News - June 2013

Psychic Modulation releases Construct Drum Machine            17th June 2013

Construct is a hybrid drum machine that uses both drum synthesis as well as built-in sounds specifically designed as tools for creating drums with a layering sound design workflow.

Construct uses three layers for each drum:

Transient: the initial attack that you hear at the very start of the drum. This can be a very short sound that accentuates the drum by making it stand out in the mix. Some of Construct's drums, such as the bass and tom, have options to utilize FM synthesis in a specific way that creates a sharp attack transient that would work well in most modern electronic music. I will also be sourcing several sounds for this layer from Les Productions Zvon's wonderful "Prepared Rhodes" collection to get some interesting percussive elements going.

Tone: the central framework of the drum sound. This is entirely based on drum synthesis like pure sine waves, fm synthesis, noise oscillators, etc. Typically this will provide some low end or bass, but for some drums such as hi hats and cymbals, the Tone might be of a more thin, metallic nature.

Ambience: a backdrop for the drum sound, providing some raw material for creating a subtle ambiance that can really give the drum some character. This layer will be based on sounds using a convolution reverb technique that utilizes acoustic sounds, tape noise, vcr fuzz, vinyl crackles and other sonic artifacts.

Another aspect of Construct's capabilities are the Modulators. Each drum has a modulator section with 3 LFOs. These LFOs can be used in three different ways: Regular LFOs that evolve over longer periods of time; Shortwave LFOs that can be retriggered to produce almost an envelope-style modulation; and a more subtle, random modulation reminiscent of Phonec's "Melt" feature.

These LFOs are entirely customizable, but I currently have them setup as defaults for these three types of modulation.

There are also some on-board effects like soft clipping, bit reduction, downsampling, and 3-band EQs for each drum, as well as a universal Dub Delay for use as a send effect (the modwheel currently controls the feedback).

Construct will be a commercial product, so the public beta will have an occasional 'demo-tone', other than that it is fully functional.

Pricing and pre-ordering will be available shortly.

Please note that this is a beta version, and although I made every effort to release a stable one, it may be prone to bugs and will be going through several changes over time until a final v1.0 is released.

Construct is free public version.


Visit: kvraudio.com




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