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News - August 2012

SynthFont updated to v1.620                                   25th August 2012

SynthFont is a free/donationware tool for playing/rendering MIDI files using SoundFonts and other similar sound sources (WAV, DLS, GIGA and also VST Instruments).

Changes in 1.620

  • Various bugfixes for MIDI programs, exceptions and interface glitches
  • Bugfix for some VSTi instruments
  • Copy the MIDI date when creating a new track
  • More surplus events marked as such
  • Each track with multiple MIDI program changes will have its own button in the tracks list
  • "One for all" checkbox for handling overlapping notes
  • Layers in the tracks list are now placed immediately beneath the parent track
  • Removed soft button in Plug and Play
  • New items added in the Open Midi or Arrangement toolbar
  • Opotion to define double clicking in tracks
  • Arrangement column in explorer
  • More output sample rate alternatives in Synth options
  • In the VST editor windows, press name to change the name of the preset.
  • Saving of VST presets in either the Arrangement or the common configuration file is now more intuitive
  • When you delete an Arrangement file, all VST effect preset file define for the arrangement are also deleted.

Bugfixes in v1.601 and 1.602

  • Fixed the reading of layer tracks
  • The standard Delphi 2010 TUpDown controller has a bug making it virtually useless. This is now replaced by another UpDown controller.
  • Audio file tracks were not correctly read from the Arrangement.
  • The Unicode support introduced with Delphi 2010 caused the Dynamic Data Exchange functions not to work.
  • Some other minor bugs, flaws and irregularities fixed.
  • Added “.rmi” to the list of known MIDI file extensions (started in v1.600)
  • Version 1.600 is compiled with Delphi version 2010, which has full support for Unicode (started in v1.600)

It comes as both a Standalone applications and also as a VSTi Plugin.


Visit: synthfont.com 




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