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News - March 2012


Mark Holt releases Expresso                                     19th March 2012

Mark Holt has released Expresso, a free distortion effect plug-in for Windows.

“My first ever release of a VST effect. Made in Synthmaker v2.0, so, sorry, no Mac version. Most of the modules are my own (rather simple) code rather than stock modules. I’ve been using it a lot and thought I should give something back to a community that’s given me a lot over the years.The first knob is called offset and this adds DC offset to the input signal (the mod LED below changes the direction of offset). The next knob is labelled fold and adds some fold back distortion. The next knobs are sat (saturation), feed (feedback – the mod LED changes the signal slightly), delay (for the feedback), HPF (high pass filter), H-REZ (high pass resonance), LPF (low pass filter), clip (hard distortion), followed by a dry/wet control and finally gain (for output). The feedback path actually goes after the clip module and re-enters before the fold back distortion stage, so maybe a future update will change the knob order to reflect this (it’s like it is for chronological reasons). Beware that on settings where all settings are high that you will get proper high squealing feedback. I’ve kept that as a feature and the tone can be changed with the delay knob when it appears.

Anyway, I hope someone else finds a use for it. I’ve used it as an effect for specific instruments, but also on the master channel (mostly using the saturation, HPF and LPF modules). Finally, this has only been tested (successfully) in Orion.

Feedback welcome! ”

Expresso for Windows (VST) is available to download as freeware.


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