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News - July 2012

Free Sample Pack- Brother Typewriter                                   24th July 2012

Subtersonic has released a free sample pack featuring the sounds of a 1960′s era Brother typewriter.

"I have released another free sample pack -- a vintage typewriter! It's a retro, blue, steel affair that smells like 50 years worth of cigarette smoke. I'd like to imagine that a frustrated news jockey sat before it while giving himself a black lung.

I sampled numerous mechanical sounds this typewriter produces during operation. The sample pack can be used for foley, sound fx, musical composition, and anything else that may come to mind. They were recorded dry as mono 16 bit 96khz .wav files using Audacity, a Shure SM-57 and a Behringer mixer. 

Make: Brother
Model: Charger 11
Made in Japan
1960's era typewriter, powder blue steel case 

I did not record multiple velocity levels because the machine does not typically have a wide dynamic range in normal operation. The pack includes several "press" and  "release" samples. This reproduces the sound a typewriter key makes when it is pressed, and the other sound it makes when released, creating rhythmic flexibility. It also includes those sounds combined together into 1 sample.

I have created a mapping of the sounds for ShortCircuit Sampler ver 1.1.2 The range is from C2 to C5. Some are mapped to press and release, some to forward shot, and some looped. The sample names should be pretty self explanatory. I have included 3 rough rhythmic loops that I used for testing as a bonus.

This sample pack is provided for free, without any guarantee.You are free to use these samples for your own works, including commercial. You are not allowed to sell these samples for money. If you want to redistribute them, please CONTACT ME FIRST. If you use it in anything, share it with me, my ears are for hearing!"


Visit: subtersonic.weebly.com




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