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News - June 2012

Free Sample Pack- Black Swamp Tambourine                    13th July 2012

Subtersonic Music has released Black Swamp Tambourine, a free collection of tambourine samples in 16-bit WAV format.

"This is for all the people who have graciously provided many great,  free samples over the years. I have made my own sample pack featuring a Black Swamp tambourine.

Remember seeing that band where the singer was haphazardly bashing on their hip a plastic circle with thin steel jingles? This is my response to that and my vision of what a tambourine should really sound like. You may be asking, "Tambourine? That's lame, why bother?" Well, I hope to show with these samples the nuance and charm of this instrument that is underestimated. Use it for orchestral scoring, ethnic/ world beats, or to spice up your rhythm tracks with a new sound.

Model TD2, 10'' diameter, ash body, calf skin head, hand hammered Phosphor bronze zills

Articulations at several velocity levels: Dry, shake roll, shell pound,  standard hit, thumb roll, staccato thumb roll, zill spin, zill click, head slap, doum and tek.

The samples are in .wav format. I have included a mapping for the sampler ShortCircuit as well.

This sample pack is offered for free, with no guarantees. You may not sell them. If you want to feature it somewhere else ask me first, please. Used it in a track? Share it with me!"


Visit: subtersonic.weebly.com




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