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News - May 2011

g200kg releases VeeMax v1.0                     16th May 2011

VeeMax v1.0 is a free Maximizer plugin with 'Inter Sample Peak' processing. It will do maximizing process by not only digital value peaks, but also hiding peaks of inter samples.

How to Install&Use

1) Just place the VeeMax.dll to your plugins directry.
2) Insert VeeMax to audio track of your DAW.


- Gain
the gain from input signals. the default value, 0dB means no maximization.

- Release
Release time of the gain reduction. the output amplitude may be
undulated if the Release time is too long. conversely, the output
may be distort if the Release time is too short.

- OutCeiling
the maximum output signal peak amplitude. settled to 0dB in default.

- ISP Detection
 the ISP is a abbreviation of the 'Inter Sample Peak'. that is not
 only the digital value peaks but a hiding peaks of inter samples.
 it will be appeared after the D/A convert or digital resampling.

VeeMax will do the maximizing process by this ISP value if turn this switch on. The default is on.


Visit: g200kg.com



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