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News - May 2011

H.G. Fortune releases Ultra Swamp free                                 07th May 2011

H.G. Fortune has released Ultra Swamp, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

"Ultra Swamp is completely reworked version of Swamp/Swamp XT so there are a lot of differences to the prior versions and a hugely increased sonic potential! It’s really for the good, the bad and the weird sounds thus ranging from sweet over dark to really strange and crazy stuff; transforming the wave samples beyond recognition. And it’s not just for pads and atmos but also for snappy percussive sequencer sounds.

Although it does look not a very complex synthesizer – don’t let yourself get fooled by this as the sonic results will prove different, as you can check with the sounddemo videos. This is a very versatile synthesizer but is fairly easy to edit. The patch programmers had so much fun with it they did 3 complete additional banks of more incredible patches for the Pro version!"

A free UltraSwamp (HGF birthday edition) is available to download. This version has a few limitations (only LowPass filter, 3 voices, EG 3 mono, no internal patch management, no MIDI Learn, no velocity control on Attack / Decay of VCF / VCA EG, no SF2 Load, 128 internal patches, but two hidden easter egg gimmicks).


Download Ultra Swamp free (HGF birthday edition) here! 36.04 mb


Visit: H.G. Fortune



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