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News - May 2011

Circular Labs updates Mobius Programmable Looper to v1.44                                 05th May 2011

Circular Labs has updated Mobius, the programmable looper, to version 1.44.

The focus of this release was on bugs reported in the January 1.43 release. If you are an old user that has not yet upgraded to 1.43, there are no major new features in this release so you should continue to use your old version until you have time to test this new version.

New Features:

  • GlobalReset will clear all user defined global and track variables.
  • Added “Sustain Functions” preset parameter to replace the the old InsertMode/RecordMode/OverdubMode=Sustain parameters.
  • Binding overlays can now be specified in the track setup.
  • Add “Binding Configuration” to the visible parameters list so it can be seen in the UI and selected like a preset.
  • Configuration objects that have names (Presets, Setups, binding sets) now use a “Rename” button and a popup window rather than the confusing text field.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Stability improvements to prevent crashes when changing the configuration while loops are running.
  • OS X AU Validator failing.
  • Sustain Insert and Sustain Multiply don’t work, they leave you in Insert/Multiply mode.
  • Crash changing the number of tracks on Mac. You must now restart in order to change track count.
  • Track Sync’d recordings aren’t doing alternate endings correctly.
  • Selected track changed after using the MIDI Control and other configuration windows.
  • Track preset changed after using MIDI control and other configuration windows.
  • MidiOut function cancels Record and Multiply modes.
  • Move function not working if the argument was an expression.
  • Crash doing record/overdub/overdub. This happened only when Max Undo is 1, Enable Secondary Feedback is on, and Secondary Feedback is less than 127.
  • Keyboard bindings empty if more than one MIDI binding set was created and selected.
  • Focus Lock Functions being reset to the default list after deleting all of them.
  • Upgrading TrackCopy to EmptyTrackAction isn’t upgrading the values e.g. sound->copy, timing->copyTime.
  • Crash after changing binding overlays.

Documentation Errors:

  • NoLayerFlattening + MaxUndo isn’t working. This option has been removed from the UI for now.

Mobius is a free tool for live recording and manipulation of audio loops, with features similar to those of the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro and the Electrix Repeater.


Visit: Circular Labs



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