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News - April 2011

4D Records releases 2 New Samples Collection                  04th April 2011

Today 4D Records releases the Akai MPC 500 sound library, based on 661 mono and stereo 16bit wav samples ( 44100Hz ). It is the original Akai MPC 500 sound library which comes inclusive on a 128 MB flash memory card with the MPC 500 when you buy one.

So what do we have inside the mpc 500 sound library ? We have: strings, basses ( synth, stick etc. ), 12 drum kits ( funk, garage and more ) percussions ( LA, chinese etc. ) , scratches, snarekit, hatskit, kickkit, 11 beat boxes ( lo-fi, XR10 etc. ) and keys. All free to download here.

  • Release: The org. Akai MPC500 sound library
  • Content: Drumkits, Drums & Sounds – 661 Samples
  • Format: 16bit WAV / 44100 Hz
  • Size: 42 MB compressed / 98 MB decompressed


200 free Novation XioSynth Synthesizer Samples.

Today 4D Records makes a double release because with todays MPC500 Samples release comes this exclusive Novation XioSynth Synthesizer release too which includes 200 16bit wav samples. The novation xiosynth is a great sounding analog modeling hardware synthesizer with lots of knobs and features and it is also a midi keyboard.

These 200 samples here are all org. standard samples from the XioSynth except one which was made by me. All samples are warm, fat and analog sounding and are recorded on C3 from my (4Ds) own XioSynth in glass clear CD stereo ( 44100 Hz ) quality. Inside this samples collection we have: lots of pads, basses, leads, strings, arps, SFXs and more – free to download here of course.

  • Release: XioSynth Synthesizer WAV Samples Collection
  • Content: Pads, Basses, Leads, ARPs etc. – 200 Samples
  • Format: 16bit WAV / 44100 Hz
  • Size: 102 MB compressed / 200 MB decompressed


Visit: 4drecords.wordpress.com 




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