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News - June 2010

SynthFont updated to v1.421                    29th June 2010

SynthFont has been updated to v1.421.

Bug fixes in v1.421:

  • Version 1.420 crashed quite often – randomly, for reasons still unknown.
  • When assigning a VST instrument to a track for MIDI channel X, the same instrument is now assigned to ALL tracks for MIDI channel X.
  • A number of other minor bugs and annoying inconsistencies fixed.

Other changes in v1.421:

  • Localization function does not work on Windows 98.
  • A read-only MIDI file can no longer be saved to.

These version 1.420 features are not available in version 1.421 (so wait for 1.422):

  • Bank change to a User Bank in live mode.
  • Pianoroll, "Draw note", a new checkbox.
  • Changed handling of overlapping notes together with missing note-off events.
  • Changed Playback volume levels display.
  • More buffers for playing live without ASIO.
  • The Volume Offset in SoundFont Overrides.
  • The Bank Manager "Either fine or coarse" selection.

Bug fixes in the WITHDRAWN v1.420:

  • Version 1.412 did not save the Left and Right volume levels correctly in the arrangement.
  • Version 1.412 would reset the SoundFont choice to default when editing the MIDI file.
  • Pan Spread Defaults function didn't work (problem with Balance vs. Pan).
  • Velocity Dynamics has been wrongly displayed with velocity response slopes in the range 1 through 6 while the correct range should have been 0 through 5, where 0 - 1 means a velocity response less than unity.
  • Since version 1.410, the Mixer Track Volume could be reset to 1.0 on some occasions.
  • In the SoundFont Group editor, the last melodic program was always blank.
  • Since some time back, double-clicking on a note in the Pianoroll did NOT make the note's track active.
  • Fixed a problem with SONiVOX VST instruments.
  • When playing from a Marker in Pianoroll, SynthFont would reset the Stop Marker to the end of the file.

Other changes in the WITHDRAWN v1.420:

  • Bank change to a User Bank now works also in live mode (use the new command "Reset all bank assignments (live mode)" in BANK menu, Plug&Play track list header, to reset banks).
  • Pianoroll, "Draw note", a new checkbox: "Insert new note when moving notes and clicking on an empty space". Uncheck if you find this function awkward.
  • Still improved handling of overlapping notes together with missing note-off events.
  • Changed the Playback volume levels display; the display leaves a track of the peak level.
  • For playing live, without ASIO, you can now select to use up to 10 buffers to avoid stuttering (but get increased latency instead...).
  • The Volume Offset in SoundFont Overrides no longer changes the Mixer Track Volume but has its own parameter.
  • The Bank Manager no longer lets you select "Either fine or coarse" bank selection controller. You must select "Bank Coarse (CC 0)" or "Bank Fine (CC 32)".

SynthFont is a free/donationware tool for playing/rendering MIDI files using SoundFonts and other similar sound sources (WAV, DLS, GIGA and also VST Instruments).


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