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News - June 2010

saltline announces Hotel S.O.A.P (Son Of A Pitch)                  22nd June 2010

saltline has announced Hotel S.O.A.P (Son Of A Pitch), the first saltline plug-in designed with the FreePlayer guitar effects controller in mind. It is also the first in a series of Son Of A Pitch based plug-ins planned for release. Hotel S.O.A.P is a pitch "effect" and is designed to provide pitch correction.

Plus one octave to Minus one octave, a delay-based pitch bend effect, Hotel S.O.A.P can be used as a virtual whammy bar but can also perform more extreme pitch bend tasks. It features a dead zone so that the user may adjust the pitch response to suit their style. The reflex control alters H S.O.A.P's pitch increase rate.


  • Delay based pitch shifter. Pitch bend ranges from, plus one above root to, minus one below root.
  • Mirror mode, both poles bend the pitch to the same distance e.g. One semitone pitches the audio up one on the positive pole and down one on the negative pole. Independent mode, both poles operate independent of each other.
  • Normal mode displays pitch bend range in semitones, musical mode displays range in musical intervals e.g. 2nd min (minor) to 8th per (perfect). Musical also acts differently when in mirrored mode. Instead of mirroring semitone distance it mirrors relative (to root) note.
  • Dead zone: The dead zone sets the point at which pitch shifting occurs. This allows the user to alter how far the pitch knob is turned before pitching kicks in.
  • Reflex changes the time it takes the pitch to reach it's maximum state. The lower the reflex control is set the more responsive pitching becomes. Setting the reflex higher increases the time it takes to reach the defined pitch no matter how fast the pitch knob is turned.

Hotel S.O.A.P will be available for free for Windows as a VST effect plug-in soon.


Visit: Saltline



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