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News - June 2010

MUTOOLS releases MU.LAB v3.1                16th June 2010

MUTOOLS has announced the release of version 3.1 of MU.LAB.

New feature highlights

Multi track audio recording
In earlier versions of MU.LAB you could only record 1 mono or stereo track at a time. Now with MU.LAB 3.1 you can record 1, 2, 5, 12, 20, ... mono or stereo tracks at the same time.

Record audio from any point in the audio signal flow
In earlier versions of MU.LAB audio was always recorded from the audio input. Now with MU.LAB 3.1 you can route the audio input thru an effect and record that instead of the dry input. Or you can record the output of a VSTi, or a ReWired device. You can record audio from any point in the session signal flow.

Extreme flexible use of your audio device's inputs and outputs
With MU.LAB 3.1 you can use the inputs and outputs of your audio device with maximum flexibility. For example, you can choose to use the e.g. 8 inputs of your audio device as 8 mono inputs, or you can choose to use them as 4 stereo inputs, or any possible combination. Same for the outputs. Which also allows you to make complex monitor mixes, or setup other types of advanced routings.

Automatic, non-destructive resampling of audio files with a differing samplerate
In earlier versions of MU.LAB, when you imported an audio file with samplerate 44.1 kHz while the audio engine was running on 48 kHz, then the audio file was played with a different pitch because of the samplerate difference. Now with MU.LAB 3.1 audio files with a differing samplerate are automatically and non-destructively resampled resulting in a perfect pitch preservation.

New "Audio To Note Gate" module
The new "Audio To Note Gate" module outputs a note event each time the incoming audio signal passes a user definable threshold. This module can be used in various types of patches, e.g. an audio gate, a level-modulated filter, gated reverb, ...

New "Note Key Splitter" module
The new "Audio To Note Gate" module dispatches the incoming events to 12 outputs based on their note key. Very useful to build drum patches.

New and skinnable position line
It might look a small improvement, but it definitely increases your visual comfort while creating music.

MU.LAB is a software application that transforms your computer into a real music studio. It does not overwhelm you with a complex feature set, in which you can get lost. On the contrary, MU.LAB is a user-friendly yet rock-solid musical tool designed to create, fine-tune and play Your Music.

MU.LAB comes in 2 flavors: MU.LAB Free and MU.LAB Unlimited.

MU.LAB Free (which is free to everyone) has a 6 track limit, can only mixdown in 16-Bit and only supports 1 mono out for ReWired devices.





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