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News - June 2010

Guitar Chords Crash Course - This program helps you learn guitar chords       12th June 2010

Guitar Chords Crash Course will try to teach or help you remember some guitar chords. The main goal with G3C is to make a simple program that anyone can use yet powerful for more advanced users.

  • Displays chords and scales from chordfiles. Over 1000 chords, 48 scales and 13 tunings are included.
  • Editable chordfiles. You can change chords that are wrong and you can make your own chordfile with your favorite chords.
  • Built-in chord editor complete with import function.
  • Playing chords. G3C is able to play all chords it can display.
  • Left-handed option and the ability to turn the fretboard upside down.
  • Guitar tuner and editable tunings. You can make your own favorite guitar tuning and have G3C play the chords in that tuning.
  • Tab search. G3C will find a tab for you if you don't know the name.
  • Print support. You can print the whole chordfile in a list or make a list of chords and print them graphically.
  • Drum Machine. It's more fun to play with drums in the background. Create and edit your own drumpatterns.

G3C is free (nagware), which means that it's a full working download version without any strings attached. However, if you use this program regularly you are encouraged to register. Registration, which is considered as a donation, costs $8 USD or Euro. For more information, check the frequently asked questions.

This version does not come with an installer. To run the program, download the zip file and uncompress it to a folder of your choice.


Visit: bincsoft.com 



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