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News - June 2010

Homegrown Sounds updates Astralis Orgone, and BabyBion      23rd June 2010

Homegrown Sounds updates Astralis Orgone, and BabyBion.

Astralis Orgone updated to v1.06:

  • Now Portable, so can now be installed on a portable drive, see Portable readme for more details.
  • Added New course Pitch Destinations to the Modulation Matrix capable of up to 2 octaves - 'X Pitch'.
  • Added New Quantized Pitch Destinations to the Modulation Matrix, quantized to real notes of up to 2 octaves 'Q Pitch'.

Astralis Orgone is a "Dual Sample" based Synthesizer.

Astralis Orgone Lite is the free version of Astralis Orgone with a reduced feature set. It is free, fully functional and a feature packed synth in its own right. It includes 128 presets and the diversity of sound created from 25 samples demonstrates the power of the Astralis System. Great for creating atmospheric Pads/Ambience/FX as well as Trancegate, Modulated and Arpeggiated Rhythms. The synth is free to use but donations are always appreciated to support future developments.

Astralis Baby Bion updated to v2.0:

The original Baby Bion was a semitone out of tune, and by the time it was noticed, there were too many users with it, so it was just left as a 'feature.' This version corrects that issue and is released as a new synth, so you can leave v1 installed for existing projects, and use this one in new projects.

Astralis Baby Bion is a free lightweight synth using the oscillator from the forthcoming Astralis Bion. It was designed primarily with SoundScaper in mind, the free FX plugin from Homegrown Sounds, which can create complex undulating collages. Baby Bion adds a synth to create the sound source, as well as flanger/filter, a complex LFO and a couple of 32-stage envelopes. Although it specializes in soundscapes and atmospheres it can also be used as a general lightweight synth. The uniquely developed dual oscillator provides over 3,500 different waveforms which can be mixed in many flexible ways including FM.


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