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News - March 2009

nashNET updates reViSiT Pro to v1.00.4           04th March 2009

nashNET has announced that reViSiT Pro has been updated to v1.00.4 and it is now available to "experiment" participants.

Improvements, tweaks and fixes since v1.0 include:

  • Improved graphics performance: Optimised drawing code now considerably lightens the load on the CPU for nearly all screen updates. Additionally, memory handling improvements have enabled me to move from a 16 colour pattern display, to one with over 16 million colours, thus enabling...
  • Pattern font smoothing (anti-aliasing): Like other text in Windows, the pattern fonts now take advantage of anti-aliased (smoothed) fonts, which will not only make your pattern look much nicer, but also make those awkward in-between font sizes easier to read.
  • Full-colour instrument labels: If you thought the four instrument colours in previous versions was restrictive, you can now choose from 4 million times as many. To select a colour for an instrument, select its label in the Instrument List and hit Enter.
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

reViSiT integrates a Tracker sequencing environment with the VST host sequencer application: receiving synchronization information directly from the host, and returning high-quality 'tracked' audio. The net result is that the composer can retain the familiar sequenced tracks and "multi-tracking" audio utilities of the host, while simultaneously benefiting from the advantages offered by trackers.

The Professional Edition adds several features - notably surround sound, flexible output and audio bus routing, and MIDI-controlled pattern playback. For a limited period, it is exclusively and freely available to volunteers in the reViSiT Experiment, a research project in collaboration with the University of Cambridge.

A comparison table of the features available in the Standard (Free) and Pro versions can be viewed here.


Visit: nashNET



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