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News - February 2009

Thirty Two Audio releases Multiband Expander, Stereo Audio/MIDI Gate, Simple Stereo Gate and Mix Compressor        02nd February 2009

Thirty Two Audio has released several free VST effect plug-ins for Windows: Multiband Expander, Stereo Audio/MIDI Gate, Simple Stereo Gate and Mix Compressor.

Multiband Expander is a Multiband expander that is dependent on the program material.

How it works:

  • The audio signal is split in to five different bands.
  • Each band has an expander across it.
  • The expanders increase the input signals of each band depending on the audio level and frequency content of each band. The variable ratio of expansion is set by the expansion controls.
  • Each of the bands has high and low pass filters. These are not so much for effect but to allow small tweaks in the program material.
  • The limits on each band are there to just keep the outputs in check as expansion of the signals can be very large.
  • Auto buttons on each band set the ratio automatically from the program material.
  • A good input level is useful in this mode.
  • In effect what you have is a five-band, program dependent dynamic EQ.


Stereo Audio/MIDI Gate is a plug-in that was created to control MIDI mutes on analogue boards.

It can be used as a standard stereo audio gate or as a MIDI trigger gate. Inserted across an audio track in your DAW the plug-in will output note-on messages whenever the audio on that track drops below the threshold and a note-off message above the threshold.

For mixers that have built in MIDI mute that have a note-on value to close them any normal audio to MIDI trigger would close the gate on audio and open it when there is no audio - this works in reverse.

It is intended to be used to automatically turn on mutes when there is no audio so as to keep the inputs to the mixer as quiet as possible.

  • The filter pots are across the sidechain inputs to the gate.
  • The filter listen allows you to listen to the filters without the gate triggering.
  • Attack controls the open speed of the gate.
  • Hold controls the time the gate will stay open after the input signal has dropped below the threshold.
  • Rel controls the speed at which the gate fades out.
  • Audio/MIDI button sets the gate to to act as a normal audio gate or as a MIDI inverse trigger.
  • Note L/R are the values of the notes you wish to invert trigger. These are simple text entry boxes. Click on a box and type the note value you require.
  • Ch selects the MIDI channel out.
  • MIDI out port selects the MIDI device of your system.

The direct MIDI out port selector may or may not work with your system. If this is the case there is the option to use the gate output as a MIDI input on a MIDI track.


Mix Compressor is a stereo mix compressor capable of soft or extreme compression.


Simple Stereo Gate is a fast-reacting stereo gate with the ability to listen to the sidechain filters.

Download bundle here!


Visit: Thirty Two Audio (no longer available)



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