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News - February 2009

New Free VSTi - The Amazing Synthillator          03rd February 2009

4 Oscillators with VA, wave table, Phase Distortion and FM, extensive modulation routings, oscillator sync, for seering solo sounds, as well as a 12dB/24dB state variable Filter(2x4modes), 2 syncable LFOs, Sample & Hold, 4 Envelope generators, etc.... see and hear it for yourself -- it’s the whole works!!!!

"I designed this VSTi to use with my Novation ReMote SL, so that the GUI mirrors exactly the layout of the ReMote SL's controlls. Of course it can also be used by anyone even without the SL or any other controller.

This VSTi is a 4 oscillator synth with VA, FM, PD, 2 LFOs, sample & hold, 4 Envelope Generators and lots of modulation routings, kind of a semi-modular synth. Also a 12/24dB State Variable Filter, Filter keyboard scaling, etc, etc.... Everything is there to interact/modulate with almost everything else -- you're not forced to choose between PD or FM -- it's PD FM'ing another oscillator, or PD syncing another oscillator, among other possibilities... Also, I decided it would be a 4 oscillator per voice synth so that one can have 2 osc synced voices when one wants synced osc type sounds -- this way one can detune one pair of synced oscillators against the other pair and so avoid the usual thinned out quality of synced oscillators. This way one can, for example, make "strings" type sounds out of 2 pairs of synced oscs, and sweep them with the mod wheel, among other things (try preset #07stringy monoSolo for an example of this).


 I don't know of any other free VSTi that can do this, but if there is one that has the same features and sounds similar, let me know, because I'd like to avoid repeating what others already have done and so I'd rather concentrate my efforts on a different synth."

Download The Amazing Synthillator here! 1.52 mb


Visit: dreamsynths.comoj.com



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