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News - March 2009

Make and Save Playlists at MixTape.me           24th March 2009

There's no shortage of services that allow you to mix and match streaming music from around the Web into your own playlists and virtual mix tapes.

But few of them give you the feeling that you're using a real Web app designed for music, and even fewer provide you a gateway to learn more about the artist or the music that you're listening to. MixTape.me allows you to make and save your own virtual mix tapes, share them with the community, browse lyrics, watch videos, and more.

Welcome to MixTape.me from MixTape.me on Vimeo.


One of the best things about MixTape.me is that it looks and feels like a desktop music player. The Web app was developed by Adam Pash, Lifehacker editor, and he claims the goal from the outset was to create a service that brought the features and functionality of a desktop player into your Web browser, along with a large catalog of music, videos, and other related information.

The beauty of MixTape.me is that you can browse for songs and listen to the mix tapes that other users have created without signing up for an account. So if you're looking only for a streaming music service you're set; but if you want a more robust experience and like to be engaged with your music, the service has you covered there too.


Visit: MixTape.me



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