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News - February 2009

MeldaProduction updates MDrummer to v2.10        09th February 2009

MeldaProduction has updated MDrummer to v2.10.


  • Solo/mute buttons in mixer.
  • MEqualizer bands color highlighting.
  • Double clicking on a track and note creation selects all notes and particular drum in drumset editor.
  • Click on a drum button in mixer selects particular drum in drumset editor.
  • More accurate settings in MCompressor and other effects.
  • Reversed direction of resonance for band-pass.
  • Output volumes are edited in mixer.
  • Shortcut "A" for drum sound is now not affected by pitch-by-velocity setting.
  • Fix: Layer duplication.
  • Fix: End of volume envelope detection.
  • Fix: Removed "disabled" loop type, since it is useless.
  • Fix: Cursors in loop editor.
  • Fix: Entering space and upper-case letters for layer name.
  • Fix: MVibrato with 0% phase difference caused crash.
  • Fix: Deleting a loop occasionally did not redraw.
  • Fix: Envelope smoothness controller dragging.
  • Fix: Some rare multithreading problems.

Free drum VST plugin - MDrummer S is a totally free version of MDrummer! It contains everything you need - the standalone application and VST plugin compatible with most of the VST hosts such as Cubase, Nuendo, Cakewalk etc. You do not need to look for drum VST warez anymore, because this one is really free! Just download, install and enjoy the power of the MDrummer VST plugin and standalone application.


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