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News - February 2009

Variety Of Sound releases BootEQ mkII and updates epicVerb to v1.0.1             24th February 2009

Variety Of Sound has released BootEQmkII and updated epicVerb to v1.0.1. Both plug-ins are free and are available as VST effect plug-ins for Windows.

BootEQ mkII is a musical-sounding mixing EQ and pre-amp simulation.

Features / Specification:

  • Four parametric and independent EQ bands.
  • Special selected and musical sounding EQ curves and phase responses.
  • Capable of reproducing several 'classic' curves and EQ behavior.
  • Well adjusted auto Q and versatile overlapping frequency ranges.
  • Minimized curve warping near Nyquist frequency.
  • Detailed modeled pre-amp simulation.
  • Subtle and nice audio coloration enhancements.
  • SSE and Assembler optimized sound engine.
  • State-of-the-art digital signal processing.
  • Low CPU EQ and minimum latency processing.
  • Musical sounding EQ curves (frequency and phase response).
  • Signal modeled pre-amp simulation.


epicVerb v1.0.1 includes several bug fixes and improvements and is now fully SSE compatible (running on older SSE1 machines now too)


  • Bugfix: graininess in the modulation algorithm.
  • Bugfix: some knobs disappeared under certain circumstances.
  • Bugfix: some GUI handling jitters due to overlapping mouse regions.
  • Change: extended focus of VOLUME knob to LED display below.
  • Bugfix: zipping noises on DRY/WET and VOLUME knob.
  • Change: some user presets added.
  • Change: MOD amount re-calibrated.
  • Bugfix: DC offset issues.
  • Bugfix: proper SSE1 support (older AMD Athlon systems support).
  • Change: improved memory management (less memory consumption, faster loading).
  • Change: updated manual.

epicVerb is a reverb plug-in that aims at both tight small room and ambience effect simulation, well suited to modern drum and vocal productions, up to large "epic" halls as found in high quality outboard gear. This reverb's sound ranges from rather concrete or even edgy up to smooth, transparent and artifact free reverb tails. It is designed for maximum flexibility and usability and to take place as a true high quality stereo main reverb.

epicVerb features two different reverberation modes and 6 different stereo early reflection models. There are some standard reverb controls like 'TIME', 'DAMP' or 'PRE-DELAY' as well as reverb tail modulation and detailed control over very first reflection patterns as an option.

It offers different reverb time handling for high and low frequencies as well as a musical sounding EQ section containing two "BootEQ" equalizers and additional high- and low-pass filtering.


Visit: Variety Of Sound



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