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News - February 2008

H.G.Fortune releases X-Wheel of Fortune 4                     01st February 2008

X-Wheel of Fortune 4 by H.G. Fortune is a multi-part integrated algorithmic VSTi music system for creating tracks based on 8 instruments-parts:

Pad 1 synthesizer, Pad 2 synthesizer, Bass synthesizer. HiSq Synthesizer, Kick,  HiHat, Perc3 to Perc5, Variable Oneshot Sq.

Each patch/preset may be a complete musical track, a track for backing a live performance, etc. All this can be arranged and composed in two different ways using algorithmic mode or Scale step mode for harmonically pre-structured tracks. It's a tool for incredibly easy track creation for many types of electronic music, or for creating playbacks to play along.

New in version 4.1 (Pro):

  • 180 PCM waves (taken from STS-26, ProtoPlasm21 and 'shuniji') for the Pad synthesizers.
  • More than 250 inbuilt scales (Pentatonic, Hexatonic and Heptatonic).
  • GUI completely reworked for better overview and usability.
  • new and more efficient sound engines for Pad 1, Pad 2, Bass & HiSq Synthesizers.
  • 5 global LFO plus Sample and Hold, 2 separate LFOs for percussion parts.
  • VaSq now with secondary sound sources selectable.
  • Uses less CPU than prior version.

Major differences between free version 4.0 and registered i.e. advanced Pro version 4.1:

  • Editable presets/patches: Pro = 64 / Free = 32.
  • PCM waves: Pro = 2 x 90 (as external SF2) plus option to load SF2 / Free = 1 x 90 (internal not changeable).
  • Editable Sections: Pro = 4 (A/B/C/D) / Free = 2 (A&B) note: in free version sections C & D will play but you can't edit.
  • Free version with no dedicated MIDI CC assigned except #7 for overall volume.
  • Free version runs on startup (this is for newbies to it) while Pro version starts in Stop mode.


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