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News - February 2008

Mutagene has updated 2WarpDelay to v.1.2          26th February 2008

2WarpDelay pairs two warped-lattice IIR filters with a pair of delay lines and a bitmap which it scans to extract filter coefficients.

A stereo signal is fed through two delay lines followed by a warped IIR lattice filter. The lattice filter can be of any order from 1 to 80 and uses reflection coefficients extracted from an image. This output is fed through a saturation stage and a ducking / limiting stage before being fed back, again, into the delay lines. The lattice filter is warped, and by adjusting the warping parameter its frequency response can be easily adjusted.

Resonance controls the distance between spectral peaks and spectral valleys in the filter transfer function, and cutoff controls the cutoff of a first-order low pass filter that follows the lattice filter.

Changes in v1.2

  • Bitmap generation (random or Mandelbrot - note that Mandelbrot generation can be quite slow).
  • Simple bitmap processing (flip, rotate, normalize, invert, edge, etc..)
  • Support for non-24 bit BMPs.
  • Bitmaps are saved within presets (previous versions simply saved the file path for the image).
  • Backwards compatible with v1.0 presets, though they may sound slightly different.
  • Minor adjustments of signal processing algorithms (slightly different compressor, pre-delays, LP analysis mode).


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