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News - August 2014

Free VST - X*ONE Synthesizer                                        27th August 2014

X*ONE is a virtual monophonic synthesizer for Windows with one oscillator, one modulator, and one 12dB lowpass filter.



There are two types of modulators. A low frequency oscillator with a triangle shape (left controls) and a envelope generator (right controls). The modulators are tempo synced. The tempo can be set with the RATE knob (LFO) and TIME knob (EG). Both modulator signals can be routed to either the frequency (note) of the oscillator or the function settings. The routing knob determines the amount of modulator. In the centre position there will be no modulation.


There are two oscillator shapes available: the sawtooth and the square wave. Both waveforms can be edited with the FUNC(tion) knob. The saw wave transforms to a square wave. When the square wave is selected the function knob changes the pulse width.

The volume of the Sub oscillator can be set with the Sub Osc knob; the interval can be set in ranges from -/- 2 octaves to 0 octave.


The X*ONE filter is a 12 db lowpass filter. Cutoff determines the border frequency, above which higher frequencies are damped

while resonance regulates the degree of amplification at the cut-off frequency. The cutoff frequency can be modulated by a envelope generator. The amount of envelope modulation can be set by the EG INT knob. When the knob is centred there will be no modulation audible. Turning this knob to the left causes negative modulation; right sets the amount of the positive envelope shape. The decay knob controls the decay amount of the envelope shape.


The Velo. Knob sets the amount of velocity sensitivity of the incoming midi signal. Glide sets the time on which the oscillator glides from one note to the next. When set to the minimum, the tone jumps to the following note without gliding. Level sets the volume of the audio signal. The decay knob sets


Download X*ONE  here! 1.14 mb


Developer: alterex.nl (no longer exist)




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