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News - December 2012

Sound Magic Releases Exp Piano Presets for Piano One and Tone Color Presets for Orchestral Strings One, Also updates Orchestral Strings One for MAC to Version 1.1                          02nd December 2012

Sound Magic has released Exp Piano Presets for Piano One Windows Version, which you can free download at kvraudio.com/product/piano-one-by-sound-magic.

The Sound of Piano One comes from the Yamaha C7 concert grand, a true workhorse in the professional piano world, appearing on famous concert stages, in international competitions and in prestigious music events throughout the world.


Sound Magic also release Tone Color Presets for Orchestral Strings One Windows Version. It is A presets which show how to tweak the tone color of the strings, and open CC Tone Color mode which you could use CC#2 to control the timbre in realtime. You can free download it at kvraudio.com/product/orchestral-strings-one.

Sound Magic also updates its Orchestral Strings One for MAC to Version 1.1 Changes Since Version 1.05 Add a new framework which do not need to install the runtime library anymore. Fixes the compatibility issue on some systems.

An audio demo also added this time.


Orchestral Strings One was recorded utilizing the legendary acoustics in the famous Berliner Hall - home of the world class BERLINER PHILHARMONIKER. Our full string orchestra contains 14 violins, 10 Violas, 8 Cellos and 6 Double Basses.

Piano One and Orchestral Strings One are free.


Visit: Sound Magic




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