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News - July 2011

gStrings (Android) updated to v1.0.9                          15th July 2011

gStrings is a free chromatic tuner application for the android mobile device software stack. It will let you tune any musical instrument, such as the violin, viola, violoncello, bass, guitar, piano and wind instruments.

The main screen consists of a horizontally scrollable tone selector on the top, an analog measuring gadget and control buttons.

Press Sound 'target' to listen to a reference tone of your selection from the list of tones on the top. The microphone is turned off and no input is analyzed in this mode.

Press Tune 'target' to tune the selected tone of the tone list on top. At this point your microphone is activated and the sampled sound is analyzed to determine the most dominant frequency/pitch. The measurement continues until the intensity of the input sound remains above a threshold value. Input intensity, as well as the measured frequency are displayed on the gadget continuously.

Pressing Tune auto will result in the input being analyzed similarly to 'Tune target', with one exception: in this mode, the selected tone of the tone list will update dynamically as well, so that the selection is always as close to the measured value as possible.

ATTENTION: Please set the microphone sensitivity before attempting to tune using either 'Tune target' or 'Tune auto'. More information about the microphone sensitivity can be found in the SETTINGS section below.

NOTE: To make the use of gStrings 'musically educational' as well, it is recommended that you first attempt to tune your string on your own. Once you are done, use 'Sound target' to listen to the note you should have tuned your string to. Now make adjustments until you believe your string is in tune with the target tone played back. Finally, use 'Tune target' or 'Tune auto' to validate/correct your results.

New in v1.0.9

  • accessibility support with audible feedback for blind musicians
  • Dell Streak 8kHz sampling bug workaround
  • bugfixes


Visit: cohortor.org / market.android.com



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