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News - July 2011

ProXL sets VstNotesXL and ProbaGate VST plug-ins for Windows FREE                    12th July 2011

ProXL has announced that you can now download the full versions of the VstNotesXL and ProbaGate Windows VST plug-ins for free.

VstNotesXL offers several enhancements compared to VstNotes including a resizable surface and the ability to load images or drag&drop files.


  • Resizable notepad; four different sizes to fit all major monitor setups.
  • Import pictures from your hard disk.
  • Drag&drop files or pictures.
  • Toolbar is automatically hidden when not editing.
  • Compatibility with all major sequencers.
  • The ability to use banks and programs to store your notes.
  • 16 (initially empty) preset pages.
  • Automatic URL detection when typing.
  • Word wrap mode, via options (right-click).


ProbaGate is a "trancegate" effect plug-in with a "probability" parameter per step allowing your gated patterns to sound less static.

A low probability value means that the associated step is triggered only occasionally. Higher probability values will trigger the step more often.


  • 32 steps per pattern.
  • A clear user interface, with central info screen.
  • Independent steps for left and right channel (linked as default).
  • Independent probabilities for left and right channel (linked as default).
  • Resolutions in 6 steps from 1/4 to 1/128 notes.
  • Adjustable note length in 6 steps from 1/4 to 1/128.
  • Notes can be bound, so that the first probability triggers all adjacent notes.
  • Host tempo synchronization (where available).
  • 16 presets in the factory bank.

"Commercial products require good support. It has become simply too difficult for me to keep up with all Operating System changes, 64 bit support, support questions etc. So have fun with these free plugins!"


Visit: ProXL



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