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News - July 2011

Sensomusic releases Usine 5.70                                      27th July 2011

Sensomusic has released version 5.70 of Usine, which contains many major improvements.

A new product called Usine Stage has been created. See Products comparison. Usine Stage is a reduced version of Usine Pro for advanced users. Some features are absent (like VST exportation, sequencer) and the number of tracks is a little bit limited but Usine Stage is a good starting point to experience all the power of this software.

Usine Stage:

  • 8 tracks and 8 patches per track.
  • 8 audio in/out.
  • 8 MIDI in/out.
  • OSC, sub patches edition.
  • Costs €39.

Master Track
Now you have the capability to define a track as a master. All the tracks will be routed to this track input, you can then easily add master effects that will be accordingly applied to all actives patches. Also up to 4 master tracks can be active at the same time (4 in Usine Pro, 2 in Usine Stage).

Create a VST
With this version you can export your workspace into a stand alone application or a VST (a DLL), so you can share a redistributable and royalty-free package of your creations. The package will include all the patches sound files, user modules and a fully functional version of Usine called Usine Reader.

The Conductors are now lighter, faster and smoother.

  • Suitability to store VST's settings in the conductor, an option added to the conductor panel.
  • Smooth recall according to the fade time for all controls, included array's, steps and matrix.
  • New cross fade fader to experience smoothly changes in conductor's lines.

Some great news for Usine's users all around the world, Usine is now multilingual (English, Français, Spanish and Deutsch available for the moment).


  • New Matrix - Audio Mix to route audio sources to several outputs (up to 16×16).
  • New Matrix - MIDI Mix to route MIDI sources to several outputs (up to 16×16).
  • New Matrix - Data Mix to route data flow sources to several outputs (up to 16×16).
  • The Matrix - Display or Set has been improved to work with the new conductor (smooth recall).

Granulator Module
New audio Granulator which creates audio grains from an incoming audio source with some visual feedback of the grain envelope. Sensomusic paid particular attention to audio quality (5 points interpolation).


  • New Always calculated module to force the current patch to be calculated even if the engine/track is Off.
  • New Current Patch Settings module, to set or get more info about the current patch. In sub-patches, this module allows realtime modification of the polyphony.
  • New Get CommaText Multi available as a script.
  • New option fast mode in OSC Receive for a faster and full reception of OSC data's.
  • New Setup module to change various options of the setup.
  • New Web Browser module to display an Internet page in your workspace.
  • New Math modules sign module.
  • New Selector string module.
  • The Get Url File module is now threaded for a faster response.
  • New hint implementation in the main window.
  • New inverse option in MIDI Learn & Key Learn panel to invert the course of a fader.


  • Improvement of multi-channels processing : all audio buses are now 32 channels.
  • Improvements of the Surround Pack by Hervé Birolini with lots of new ready to use surround patches. Some powerful physical model scripts included (available soon).

The main layout window has been improved. Many other nice, ready to use layouts are available. Several new options added:

  • Stay on top, to put controls at the top of of the parent panel (in front of other controls).
  • Not saved in conductor, not saved in presets now visible in the layout form.
  • Captions font settings (bold, italic, underline) can now be adjusted.
  • New design more ergonomic.


  • New DJ XY Hold.
  • New the Nose II a filter effect.
  • New Sergio Slicer III, a master piece in live slicing.
  • New Envelop Gain Modifier a realtime gain modifier patch.
  • New Scratcher an auto scratcher.
  • New 3 Bands Filter.
  • New Doppler effect.
  • New Bassliner bass line creator.
  • Improvements of the Compressor.
  • Improvements of the Grain Engine x1, now made with the new Granulator module.

Fixed bugs:

  • [module] the toggle module value is not properly stored.
  • [remote] the global synchro ON/OFF MIDI mode is properly stored.
  • [module] keyboard : the ctrl, alt, shift values were not properly reset.

Usine is a universal audio software application designed for live or studio utilization.

Usine Free:

Usine Free is fully functional but limited. It can be used to learn more about the Usine’s concept, but unfortunately not in a professional situation.


Visit: Sensomusic



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