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News - October 2011

CWI Technology updates TX16Wx Software Sampler to v0.9.071                     10th October 2011

CWI Technology has updated the beta version of TX16Wx Software Sampler to version 0.9.071. This version adds one much requested feature: beat slicing. TX16Wx can now map individual regions (slices) to splits, and there is a beat detector, an equidistant chopper and tempo detection + MIDI file export.

Changes in v0.9.07:

  • Added "slice" functionality.
  • Added auto slicing via "beat detector".
  • Added auto slicing via "equal parts" split.
  • Added auto layout of slices + MIDI file export.
  • Added loop crossfading.
  • Added tempo detection + loading of Acid information.
  • Added support for loading Yamaha TX16W OS waves.
  • Added support for saving sound data in host project directory (when supported by host).
  • Added sampling start on host transport start (sample on play).
  • Fixed UI refresh on XP.

Changes in v0.9.071:

  • "Save As" for waves had broken in 0.9.07. This is fixed in 0.9.071.

TX16Wx Software Sampler is a free VSTi Sampler with professional features and an easy to use graphical interface. Built to mimic the best aspects of old hardware samplers, but with the quick and easy operation of modern software. An instrument not for preset players, but people who enjoy making and playing their own samples.


Visit: CWI Technology




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