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News - September 2011

Mr. Soundman -  Free ear training program                     01st September 2011

Mr. Soundman is a free ear training program that will help DJs, music producers, audio techhnicians and sound engineers. It is a useful tool for identifying and improving the ability to detect frequency issues which is important for recording, mixing and producing music.

Mr. Soundman is a bit like an arcade game with an easy to use interface. It plays an audio clip with an obvious boost along its frequency range. The mission is to point to these frequencies. The game gets harder as each frequency is correctly identified. The game starts out wasy with a 'right answer range' of 3 octaves. However only those with talented ears will get to the octave range right answers.

Users can also have fun by competing against other Mr. Soundman users - i.e. the other sound techs in your area or around the world. Users can show how sharp their ears are and can win some prizes.

There is a premium version of Mr. Soundman that takes the ear training game into a full tuition/training exercise.


Mr. Soundman is available as a standalone program or as a VST plugin for Windows


Visit: v-plugs.com/mrsoundman




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