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News - October 2011

JBM Jagular - Free VST synth                                       08th October 2011

JBM Jagular is a hybrid synth consisting of many different synthesis methodes packed into one bundle.

It is a 2 oscilator synth that each oscilator has over 500 different waveforms onboard. The synth comes with 80 presets showing a wide variation of posibilities this synth has.

"This synth is open source, and the source code is included in the same package. It comes with an easy waveform editor that lets you create entire new banks of waveforms while you test the sound of them. These new banks can be imported into 8 slots per oscilator, this means that you can have up to 16 different banks giving you more than 1000 waveforms to toy with. The synth is configured to have the same 8 banks in both oscilators. But it doesn't stop there.

The synth has also 9 different filters that processes the oscilators. The synth is relatively low on the cpu side, and it is configured to withstand most cpu spikes. When a voice (16 total) is not in use then it goes to sleep freeing up further more cpu.

There has been complaints regarding a share*it link in this plugin. This link is not related to the plugin itself, but related to a module this plugin uses. In other words there is no cash required to buy this synth. I am unable to get rid of these links as of yet, but I'm working on a solution."


Download JBM Jagular here or here3.60 mb


Visit: JobroMedia  




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