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News - October 2011

Anarchy Sound Software made their fx and synths free       26th October 2011

Anarchy Sound Software made their fx and synths free!

AnarchyEffects is a bundle of 5 vst plugins, each of which does a different novel form of frequency domain processing.

These plugins use the vst 2.0 standard, and are windows-only.


AnarchyRhythms is a hybrid between an effect and a drum machine. 

It takes an audio input and applies a user-controlled matrix of amplitude modulation, bandpass filtering, feedback loops, internal oscillation and compression. It allows you to compose rhythmic patterns from the sonic timbre of the input. AnarchyRhythms uses the vst 2.0 standard, and is windows-only.


SwarmSynth is a vst instrument which uses a flocking algorithm to control a bank of oscillators as they move through an envelope-constrained 5 dimensional parametric hyperspace.

SwarmSynth uses the vst 2.0 standard, and is windows-only.


GeoSynth is a vst instrument I made several years ago, but never released – I wasn’t as excited as I’d hoped about the sounds it made, and the dismal sales of SwarmSynth lead me to suspect that the market for wacky vst instruments is not as lively as the market for effects.

But it’s here now so you can judge for yourself. There’s no doubting that it’s a great idea, whether the sounds light your candle or not. GeoSynth uses the vst 2.0 standard, and is windows-only.

“I’ve decided to re-release all my vst plugins as freeware. From now on, you can download everything for free from this website. For each product which requires a serial number, I’ve published a reusable serial number on the relevant download page. I’m also using this site to release some new plugins I’ve developed. These new plugins were made primarily for my own use, so they don’t have installers, help files, or glossy user interfaces. But if anyone wants to use them, you can! All the software on this site is published as-is, with no warranty express or implied. A big thanks to everyone who has paid for these plugins in the past, I hope you don’t feel skanked to discover that you would have eventually gotten them for free. And an even bigger thanks to everyone who has written to me with all your words of praise and encouragement.  I love hearing music which my software has contributed to!”


Visit: anarchysoundsoftware.co.uk




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