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News - September 2011

Wavesfactory 1850 Pipe Organ Free                                30th September 2011

Wavesfactory has released 1850 Pipe Organ, a pipe organ sample library.

"We sampled a Pipe Organ built in the year 1850. The pipes are controlled by a wood keyboard of 54 keys (from C1 to F5). Sustain and release notes sampled, which means that you have the natural reverb tail of the church, it’s amazing! No pitch shifting (note interval) used, sampled every note.

This Pipe Organ has 8 ranks selectable by 16 stops (8 right and 8 left). With 1850 Pipe Organ Pro you can control the volume of each rank separetly, making the instrument very versatile and flexible, you can achieve an enormous amount of different sounds. On the free version you only get the sound of the 8 ranks opened without control on each of them. Free version lets you control the overall volume and the volume of the tail reverb directly from the GUI. With Pro version you can control the overall volume, pan and each rank directly from the GUI."

  1850 Pipe Organ by Wavesfactory

The free version is available to download from Wavesfactory.


Visit: samples.wavesfactory.com




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