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News - July 2010

Jasuto v1.2.2 Now Available for iOS, Android, Win & Mac           03rd July 2010

Version 1.2.2 of Jasuto Pro modular synthesizer is now available for iOS, Android, Windows VST and Mac OS X VST & AU. The plug-ins are currently free, but they are also limited to a single instance and all the host control modules are disabled.

Jasuto is a modular synthesizer. It is flexible in terms of synthesis techniques - you can achieve additive, subtractive, FM/PM/AM and even hard-sync synthesis all pretty easily.


Both the synth and all the parameters are in one object called a scene. A scene is made up of nodes, these are the objects that do the processing and what you directly manipulate to make, modify or otherwise bend the sound. Processing happens top-down. So the top of the scene is generally where you would have your oscillators, the middle is where you would apply your filters and effects, and the bottom is where you would output the sound.

Instead of using the traditional method of drawing wires manually to create the signal path, Jasuto does this a little differently. Basically each node has a controllable radius and range. The radius is used to set the physical size of the node and the range is used to set the receiving range of the inputs.

The iPhone app and VST versions can communicate with each other over your wi-fi network. When in this mode the app acts like a high resolution multi-touch remote controlling the VST in your host software. You can also sync patches via this method as well, giving you the ability to share them with others or just back them up.

"Download version 1.2.2 while it’s free! This release is much more stable that the last alpha. Also since this is the free version it’s limited to a single instance and without any host control, the next version will allow you to buy a license and unlock these features…"


Visit: Jasuto



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