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News - July 2010

DarkWave Studio updated to v3.0.5                      05th July 2010

DarkWave Studio is a free modular virtual studio for the synthesis of electronic music.

It has a built in pattern editor and sequencer. It allows you to load various machines such as virtual instruments and effects and connect them in a modular and straightforward fashion. DarkWave can load VST instruments and effects and it can also load machines using the DarkPlug API, which was custom made for DarkWave.

The program currently supports sound output via Windows Sound and ASIO. DarkWave natively supports both x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) versions of Windows with native binaries compiled for each platform. The x86 and x64 versions can each only load plugins for that platform, i.e. the x64 version only loads 64-bit VST and DarkPlug plugins.

DarkWave supports multiple processors well, with an aggressively multithreaded audio path that can utilize multiple CPU chips and/or cores. The program is perfectly suited for x86-64 systems with multiple cores such as the "Core 2 Duo" and "Core 2 Quad" processors by Intel and comparable processors by AMD.

The following plugins are included with DarkWave: MIDI Input, ES SpatialVerb (Room Modelling Reverb Unit), ES Kick (Rave Kick Generator), ES BassHead (Subtractive Analog Synthesizer), ES AntiAlias, ES QuadDelay (Echo Effect), ES Mixer (8 Track + 2 AUX Mixer)

New in v3.0.5

  • Fixed bugs in AddValueToBlock and MixBlocks functions which are used by the synthesizers in the ES CoreMachines default machine package included with DarkWave Studio.
  • Generation of RTTI (C++ Run-Time Type Information) has been disabled, resulting in a smaller sized compiled program.


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