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News - July 2010

Armchair Guitarist updated to v1.5                 06th July 2010

Mike Norrish has updated Armchair Guitarist to version

The following fixes and changes have been implemented:

  • Fixed compatibility with Playstation 3 Guitar Hero WH/5 Controllers.
  • The Fret Bar was previously wrapping at a point five frets too high when moved below the open string. This has been fixed.
  • Added ability to specify range of Whammy Bar input as parameters.
  • Added a selector in the UI for changing programs.
  • Increased the size of the Fret Board to 24 frets plus an open string.
  • Improved compatibility with FL Studio 8.
  • Assorted host stability improvements and optimisations.

Armchair Guitarist is a VSTi plug-in that allows a standard guitar controller for the XBox 360, PC or Playstation 3 to be used as a MIDI input.

By using only the controls on the controller itself, the user can change the position of the controller's fret buttons to cover any group of five notes on the finger board of a virtual guitar. Notes can either be played instantly with the fret buttons, or strummed with the fret buttons and strum bar.

Users can also bend notes up or down in pitch using the whammy bar, and flip the string order of the virtual instrument to match their own play style.

Armchair Guitarist is compatible with a wide range of hosts, including Cubase, Ableton Live, Reaper and Energy XT.

Armchair Guitarist is free.


Visit: Mike Norrish



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