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News - September 2009


Alterex releases ViSYNTH                                   16th September 2009

Alterex has released ViSYNTH, a free monophonic synthesizer VST instrument plug-in for Windows based on Synth Lite by MFB.

"Alterex tried to catch the functionality and feeling of the original german unit but is not intended as software clone. It's hard to deny that we have a weakness for small units. The 'Systems settings' button takes you to extra functions such as: the sub oscillator and controls to set the release of ADSR 2 and CV modulation. The system settings also make it possible to set the value for the modulation wheel (vco or vcf) and velocity sensitivity. The oscillator can be set in ringmodulation mode 1 * 2 and 1* 2 * 3 (sub oscillator) as well as oscillator sync. When the impulse waveform of oscillator 2 is selected the modulator causes pulse width modulation. Just give it a try!"


  • Oscillators: 2 with saw, square, pulse waveforms.
  • Sub oscillator: 1 with a square waveform.
  • Oscillator mode: ring-modulation 1*2, 1*2*3 and oscillator sync.
  • Modulator: triangle, saw down, square and one shot saw down. The modulator can be set to the oscillators pitch and the filter's cutoff amount. If the oscillator 2 is set to pulse, the modulator acts as pulse-width-modulation.
  • Filter: 24db low-pass filter with envelope modulation (ADSR 1) and CV (note pitch) modulation.
  • VCA: the ADSR 2 is set to the VCA (when the release value in the system settings is set to 0 the amount of the decay = the amount of the release value).
  • Global settings: modulation wheel: can be set to oscillator pitch or filter's cutoff velocity sensitivity.


Visit: Alterex




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