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News - December 2009

Christian Budde releases VST-Plugin Unit Test v1.2 and updates Dual Linkwitz-Riley Filters (+other plug-ins)           08th December 2009

Christian Budde has announced the release of version 1.2 of his VST-Plugin Unit Test application and also released updates for several of his plug-ins, in particular the Dual Linkwitz-Riley Filters plug-in has been updated with the following changes:

  • Added a magnitude response plot and it is now possible to enter values directly.

  • Added a workaround to make the plugin working in eXT 1.4 and Sound Forge 10 (both suffering from a bug in their VST host implementation, which has been acknowledged, but only been fixed in recent eXT versions). On these hosts (and only then) the workaround patches the VST plugin directly, which might result in a false positive for virus scanners.

    Christian says that the online patching mentioned above has also been added to most of his other plug-ins (those that he supports at least).

    Dual Linkwitz-Riley Filters is a pair of stereo Linkwitz-Riley Filters. It can be used as a lowpass, highpass or bandpass filter and has been optimized to be used in a virtual digital crossover network.


    VST-Plugin Unit Test is an 'Extreme Programming' unit test for generic VST-Plugins (VST 2.3 and 2.4). It is based on DUnit and allows automated tests for a whole collection of plug-ins.

     It was written to ensure the quality of Christian's open source project, but might be useful for other plug-in developers as well. It is especially useful for helping developers to improve stability. It also includes several perverse tests that might crash a plugin (and the tool). However all tests can be passed.

    A detailed manual explains all tests. This tool is open source. Version 1.2 fixes a host emulation bug and adds new tests.

    Dual Linkwitz-Riley Filters and VST-Plugin Unit Test are free.


    Visit: Christian Budde



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